About 911Wipes

Started in 2020, 911Wipes was developed to create an alcohol-free, oversized, textured disposable soap wipe for firefighters. Wipes like these are required to be stored and carried on all fire apparatuses in the U.S. and are used by many other emergency services, including law enforcement. After completing our own tests with firefighters we expanded testing to surveyors, construction workers, landscapers, outdoorsmen and even recreational athletes. We realized 911Wipes are an effective post-activity wipe for a wide number of applications. This prompted us to offer the same industrial-grade quality product to the general public.

Barry McConaghey, CEO and Founder

CEO / President

Mr. McConaghey brings extensive real-life experience and product knowledge to the company he founded. As a firefighter constantly dealing with hazardous situations over a span of two decades, he inherently developed expert insight and perspective into the equipment that surrounded him daily. He would advance to the rank of Lieutenant and serve as a Union President of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). He was cross-trained and took calls as a paramedic as well, further expanding his situational and product knowledge. In 2011, Mr. McConaghey used that very same knowledge to launch FireHoseDirect.com, with a proprietary internet sales model based on speed of delivery. Today, Mr. McConaghey has applied those same principles to our newest site, 911Wipes.com.