911Wipes do not contain any alcohol or artificial fragrances, and contains only safe ingredients.

911Wipes are hypoallergenic.

911Wipes are safe for sensitive and dry skin, and dermatologist recommended.

Yes. 911Wipes do not contain any irritant chemicals, ingredients, or dangerous additives for sensitive areas.

These wipes are developed for personal care applications.

3 years.

No. 911Wipes are not flushable.

Yes, they are formulated to be mild and gentle with skin-loving ingredients.

911Wipes are oversized, heavy-duty, multi-purpose wipes; because, you're not a baby.

We have not preformed any tests on animals. We cannot market 911Wipes for animals until we hire an independent laboratory to determine if they are safe to use on animals.

911Wipes are not biodegradable / compostable.